Tanks (RV Holding Tanks)

Holding TankWater holding tanks


Water tanks and holding tanks are processed on our site using a rotational molding machine.
With this form of construction, the tanks will have NO SEAMS! The materials used are NSF &
FDA approved polyethele. Each water and holding tank is tested before it leaves our shop to
ensure there are no leaks. If you do not see a tank in our catalog, we can manufacture custom
molds. However, due to the cost of building the mold, special tanks are costly, but available.
All fittings are installed using spin welding. This technique insures that the fitting and the tank
mold together creating a long lasting, water tight seal.

How to order:
1. Download the tank portion of our catalog HERE
2. Choose the tank by number
3. Choose the fittings
4. Fax the order form to 303-423-4051 OR Use the Weborder form here.

*All capacities shown in catalog are approximate.